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Cancer has returned for Levon Helm, multiple solo Grammy winner and voice of the Band

A new message from confirms what many fans feared when he suddenly postponed an April 6 concert appearance, just weeks after returning from an unexplained surgical procedure: The legendary co-founder of the Band and multiple solo Grammy winner has seen his cancer battle take a turn for the worse.

Paul McCartney says Ram was a chance for he and Linda to ‘find themselves’

The forthcoming May 2012 deluxe reissue of Paul McCartney’s Ram will feature a new documentary on the making of the album, and we’ve got a new segment to share. Hear McCartney talk about the genesis of his second solo album, and how he decided to invite his first wife Linda to be in his new band.

Eddie Van Halen reveals that he's had two more cancer scares in the last year

A new Esquire feature story on Eddie Van Halen reveals that his cancer battle has been much more involved that was originally thought.

Lionel Richie: Something Else! Featured Artist

Lionel Richie: Something Else! Featured Artist

We dug back into some of Lionel Richie’s greatest moments – as a solo artist, with the Commodores and even with another, harder-edged duet partner.

Jack White – Blunderbuss (2012)

Blunderbuss makes you miss the White Stripes all over again, but at the same time gain a new appreciation for the itchy, adventuresome attitude that made Jack White such an important — if never, we see now, fully explored — element in their sound.

Ches Smith’s Congs For Brums – Psycho Predictions (2012)

What might sound to the casual ear like goofing around in the studio is actually a drumming genius at work.

The Grateful Dead – All The Years Combine: The DVD Collection (2012)

There was something about a New Year’s Eve show and the Grateful Dead, as the forthcoming All The Years Combine: The DVD Collection so artfully illustrates.