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'It's not pop music, not rock': Clive Deamer on Radiohead's jazz-inflected sound

Drummer Clive Deamer, who entered 2012 on tour with Radiohead, is no closer than anyone else to placing a label on their music. He says it’s not pop, but also that it’s not rock. Actually, he hears a lot of jazz in it.

Ex-Kiss guitarist Ace Frehley: Maybe the Mayans are on to something

Ace Frehley, the former guitarist with Kiss, has taken a close look around — and he’s not so sure the Mayans don’t have a point when it comes to their end-of-the-world predictions for 2012.

Julian Lennon on Beatles-obsessed collectors: 'The whole thing is bizarre'

Growing up around the Beatles, young Julian Lennon saw firsthand how fame enveloped them. Still, he’s surprised at how far some people will go in 2012 as they pursue all things Fab.

Warren Haynes says he still feels 'very fortunate' to be part of Allman Brothers Band legacy

A lifelong fan, Warren Haynes remembers joining the Allman Brothers Band some 23 years ago as a “gradual process.”

The Rockologist: Donovan went from Forrest Gump to Rock Hall's sunshine superman

With all the media attention surrounding Axl Rose thumbing his nose at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this week, it’s been a little sad to see the induction of 2012 fellow honoree Donovan Leitch become swallowed up in the hoopla.

One Track Mind: Andrew Swift, "Understanding" (2012)

Back in 1984 I purchased my first McCoy Tyner album, Dimensions, which was his current release at the time.

Curtis Salgado, soul-blues shouter: Something Else! Interview

Curtis Salgado, soul-blues shouter: Something Else! Interview

Curtis Salgado drops by for a talk on the enduring power of grease-popping, shotgun-shack rattling, ass-wagging soul music.

One Track Mind: Pantera, “Piss” (2012)

So the unveiling of Pantera’s only unreleased song comes with a lot of excitement for this old metalhead, and just a little bit of disappointment after hearing it.