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Chris Welch, Eric Clapton biographer: Something Else! Interview

Chris Welch, Eric Clapton biographer: Something Else! Interview

Donald Gibson caught up with Eric Clapton biographer and friend Chris Welch for a Something Else! Sitdown.

Remaining members of the Jackson 5 regroup for summer tour in honor of Michael Jackson

Jackie, Jermaine, Marlon and Tito — the Jackson 4? — will tour this summer for the first time since 1984’s Victory project, with plans to honor their late brother Michael, who died in 2009.

Bill Ward outlines 'degrading stipulations' in his still-unsigned Black Sabbath reunion contract

For some time, co-founding drummer Bill Ward has said he’s waiting on a “signable contract” before joining the rest of Black Sabbath for its pending reunion project. Now, he’s ready to reveal the sticking points

James McCartney on the idea of Beatles 2, featuring fellow Fab Four offspring: 'I'd be up for it'

Ready for Beatlemania, one time removed? James McCartney, aspiring rocker son of one Paul McCartney, says he is.

Half Notes: Penguin Cafe Orchestra – When In Rome (2008)

There’s never a correct genre to classify this group: They’re not classical, they’re not rock, and they’re certainly not shitty so they don’t qualify for the “new age” label under which they generally get stuck.

Kenny Garrett – Seeds From The Underground (2012)

Kenny Garrett’s place in jazz history was secured long ago as the last in the line of one of the most prestigious clubs in all of jazz

The Ramblers – Getting There (2010)

I’m trying to remember when it was. It was definitely during a pop-music fad that involved a lot of synthesizers and other electrical accoutrements. Maybe it was the New Wave era … or maybe when The Prodigy hit it big.

The Master’s Apprentices – Choice Cuts (1999)

Huge in their mother land of Australia, but virtually unknown elsewhere, the Master’s Apprentices simply lacked the promotion muscle to obtain the universal visibility they so richly deserved.