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Paul McCartney's dad, on hearing the Beatles' 'She Loves You': "Couldn't you sing 'yes, yes, yes?'"

Paul McCartney’s father was an accomplished musician, so you can imagine the trepidation the youngster must have felt in unveiling the early Beatles hit “She Loves You” for him.

Steely Dan Sunday, "I Got The News" (1977)

< >> *** STEELY DAN SUNDAY INDEX *** Shifty, start-stop rhythms, suddenly erupting musical asides and two guitar soloists (Becker and Larry Carlton), “I Got The News” has an irresistable, non-stop energy.

Chad Wackerman – Dreams, Nightmares and Improvisations (2012)

The title says it all here, as Chad Wackerman leads a crack group of musicians including ever-adventurous guitar virtuoso Allan Holdsworth through a complex and varied series of dynamics and tempos.

Half Notes: Dar Williams – Promised Land (2008)

Folk singer Dar Williams has an entry on my “Had To Sit In The Car After Arriving At Work To Get The Scoop On That Song!” list. Back in 1993, about 30 seconds before pulling into the parking lot, “When I Was A Boy” came on WERS, Emerson College radio. I was mesmerized. So I sat there through the endRead More

Best of March 2012: Reader picks include Adrian Belew, Brad Mehldau, Adele (again)

Adrian Belew’s reflections on touring again with a pair of King Crimson bandmates led to some interesting comments on the future of that long-standing Robert Fripp-led amalgam

The Jeff Healey Band – Live in Belgium CD/DVD (2012)

Jeff Healey’s very sightlessness — he lost his eyes to a rare cancer of the eyes at age one — helped him settle into his own unique sound in blues music.