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Aerosmith's ready to rock this way with 18-date American summer tour

No word yet on when the new album will drop, but Aerosmith is definitely hitting the road this summer. Steven Tyler, Joe Perry and Co. have announced a 18-date American tour, to be played between June 16 and August 8.

Joe Jackson's next project: A tribute to jazz giant Duke Ellington

Joe Jackson is promising a a decidedly unconventional salute to Ellington, hoping to highlight the timeless brilliance of his classic compositions even while showcasing Jackson’s own skills as an arranger, instrumentalist and vocal interpreter.

Ten acoustic George Harrison songs to be issued as Early Takes, Vol. 1

Rare acoustic takes on George Harrison songs from All Things Must Pass, Living in the Material World and Third Three and 1/3 will be featured in a forthcoming release called Early Takes Vol. 1.

Mick Fleetwood says Stevie Nicks is standing in way of Fleetwood Mac reunion: 'It comes down to her'

Despite earlier suggestions to the contrary, Fleetwood Mac will not be touring in 2012 — the reason being, long-time drummer Mick Fleetwood says, singer Stevie Nick’s “obsession” with her solo career.

Members of Montrose, Gamma, Journey, Styx and Kiss will perform tribute concert for Ronnie Montrose

The remaining members of Montrose will lead an all-star cast of rock musicians gathering on April 27 to honor the band’s late leader Ronnie Montrose.

Gregg Allman forced to leave weekend performance in New York City with back pain

Gregg Allman was treated and released this weekend, after leaving a Saturday night concert in New York City because of back pain. He also missed Sunday’s show, as the Allman Brothers closed their 10-night residency at the Beacon Theatre.

Mort Weiss: A first-take life, with everything from hard times to hard rock

When I first started doing these articles I gave no thought as to the chronological order in which they occurred.

William A. Thompson/WATIV – Syntaxis (2012)

The Clash once had an album called Combat Rock, but William A. Thompson’s combat music called Baghdad Music Journal (2006) was hardly a figurative statement

Gimme Five: Robert Fripp's King Crimson-related archives at DGMLive

For the fan, there is an embarrassment of riches to be discovered at King Crimson guitarist Robert Fripp’s Discipline Global Mobile Web site,

Sparks Fly On E Street: Bruce Springsteen, "Two Hearts" (1980)

When the Reunion Tour rolled into Boston’s Fleet Center, it felt like Bruce was returning after decades, not just years. The actual length of time can be argued, depending upon your feelings about the tour