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Herbie Hancock calls for International Jazz Day, to be held annually on April 30

The inaugural International Jazz Day on April 30, called by Herbie Hancock as his initial proposal upon being named a goodwill ambassador by UNESCO, will include concerts in New Orleans, Paris and New York. Jazz-related events are also scheduled in several dozen other countries, as well.

Legends: Voices of Rock will include former frontmen from Journey, Toto, Chicago, Starship and Deep Purple

Four June dates have already been scheduled in Japan, with more to follow across the world, for a new all-star collective known as Legends: Voices of Rock, featuring former frontmen from Chicago, Deep Purple, Jefferson Starship, Journey and Toto.

Presenters for this year's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame include John Mellencamp, Smokey Robinson, Robbie Robertson, Chuck D

The list of presenters at this year’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame reads like, well, a hall of fame induction class

Neil Young admits new Crazy Horse album includes kindergarten songs, but 'now they belong to us'

As fans dig deeper into the newly announced track listing for Neil Young’s long-awaited reunion project with Crazy Horse, a theme of familiarity certainly emerges.

Something Else! Featured Artist: More Doobie Brothers

We were all set to continue our celebration of the upcoming Doobie Brothers tour alongside Chicago, when disaster struck the group — as cancer-stricken long-time drummer Michael Hossack died.

Animation – Agemo (2012)

Bob Belden has been in the thick of major jazz recordings issued or reissued in the last quarter century, but his name has rarely been presented in large, bright fonts.

Quiet Riot – Live at the U.S. Festival 1983 (2012)

As an 11-year-old kid in 1983, I would have given just about anything to see this show. I’ve already shared that Quiet Riot’s 1983 album Metal Health was the beginning of my journey into heavy metal

Forgotten series: Moving Sidewalks, featuring ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons – Flash (1969)

Best remembered as the band that featured guitarist Billy Gibbons, who eventually reaped universal fame with ZZ Top, the Moving Sidewalks were actually a very popular local act hailing from Houston, Texas.