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One Track Mind: Hiroe Sekine, "Evidence" (2012)

Over time I’ve found that the genius of the singular compositional style of Thelonious Monk manifests itself better the further away it is played from its original bebop context.

Squackett to release limited edition vinyl single for Record Store Day on April 21

Squackett, the new collaboration between Yes’ Chris Squire and former Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett, will issue a limited edition 7-inch vinyl single on April 21 to coincide with Record Store Day.

The Lemon Clocks – Now Is The Time (2012)

You would be forgiven for thinking the Lemon Clocks are a long lost band from days gone by. A wiggy name, combined with the trippy graphics garbing “Now Is The Time” does little to conceal what’s happening here.

Half Notes: Led Zeppelin – The Song Remains the Same (1976)

I remember one of the fundamental disappointments when getting into Led Zeppelin was, sadly, this live album. It was just a mess. Sprawling, rambling, incoherent, it just didn’t jell, and there was good reason: it had been chopped up to fit on two pieces of vinyl and was never readjusted for CD. We could go on and on about theRead More

The Friday Morning Listen: Bruce Springsteen – The Rising (2002)

I’ve said before that writers sometimes spend too much time living in their heads. There are a lot of reasons we do this, not the least of which is that those pesky thoughts have to be wrangled into coherency.