Archive for March 6th, 2012

Neil Young makes poignant return to hometown, plays two nights at Massey Hall in new Jonathan Demme film

Jonathan Demme’s new documentary focusing on Neil Young is set to debut at theaters beginning June 29.

Tour break allows Red Hot Chili Peppers to start work on their next album

There has been at least one positive from the ongoing tour hiatus for the Red Hot Chili Peppers as frontman Anthony Kiedis recovers from foot surgery: The remaining Peppers have started work on a new release.

Up next for Dennis DeYoung: A new concert film of acoustic Styx favorites

Look for an new live concert film from Dennis DeYoung focusing on acoustic versions of his classic Styx material.

Download a free song, as Pink Floyd's David Gilmour celebrates his 66th birthday

David Gilmour is celebrating his 66th birthday with a present … for Pink Floyd fans. The legendary guitarist is offering a free download today of his song “A Pocketful of Stones”

Gregg Allman explores his life-threatening battle with hepatitis C in forthcoming memoir

Gregg Allman’s new memoir, My Cross to Bear, is due May 1 — and fans can expect a frank look into his health struggles with hepatitis C, a virus that leads to liver inflammation.

Vijay Iyer Trio – Accelerando (2012)

The use of modern rhythms, imaginative arrangements, strong material and just plain, old fashioned butt-kicking virtuosity powers Vijay Iyer’s ‘Accelerando’ to greatness.

Something Else! Featured Artist: The Doobie Brothers

News that the rejuvenated Doobie Brothers would be joining Chicago on a summer tour sent us scurrying back to the stacks.

Bruce Springsteen – Wrecking Ball (2012)

I’ve always had a hard time with the word “spiritual.” While I know that there are meanings that do not have religious connotations — “cerebral” and “metaphysical” come to mind — the general usage of the term more commonly leans to the sacred.

Wes Montgomery – Echoes of Indiana Avenue (2012)

Dismissed late in life as a sell-out entertainer, Wes Montgomery — you’re reminded all over again, with this group of previously unreleased sides — could play with both an uncanny smoothness and a sharp improvisational wit.