Half Notes: Mastodon – Leviathon (2004)

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After the blast of intensity and creativity of Remission, fans expected nothing less than more of the same. Oddly, Leviathon does not deliver and listeners are the better off for it. Instead of continuing where the last album left off, with an apocolyptic, dense roar, Mastodon opted for variety and melody. Rather than build on sounds and structures pioneered by their peers, such as Meshuggah and Neurosis, the band looked backward by 30 years and developed a classic heavy metal album, which is evidenced by the many strains of late-1970s Rush and early Black Sabbath that can be heard rumbling through out the album. It may immediately come off like a throwback, but the varied textures are a welcome change from the nonstop barrage of sound that heavy music has become recently.

‘Half Notes’ are quick-take thoughts on music from Something Else! Reviews, presented whenever the mood strikes us.

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