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Frank Ocean responds to possible sampling suit by Eagles' Don Henley: 'Ain't this guy rich as f**k?'

In the wake of a rumored threat from Don Henley to sue over sampling the Eagles’ “Hotel California,” R&B singer Frank Ocean took to the Internet to plead his case: “Shit’s weird. Ain’t this guy rich as fuck? Why sue the new guy?”

Release date for Rush's long-awaited Clockwork Angels appear on two Japanese sites

Two separate music sites, and, have posted a May 23 release date for Rush’s Clockwork Angels album — the first indications of when this long-awaited project might appear.

New film focusing on legendary Cream drummer Ginger Baker in the works

Cream drummer Ginger Baker will be the subject of an upcoming film, “Beware of Mr. Baker.”

Ian Hunter Band, featuring Mick Ronson – Live At Rockpalast (2012)

Mott the Hoople should have been huge. They should have been selling out arenas, rather then barely filling theaters as headliners in America

Merbow – Dead Zone (2012)

Music reviewing is famously described as “dancing about architecture” but dissecting Merbow’s noise music is more comparable to slicing water. For starters, the Japanese king of noise challenges and stretches the whole notion of what we call music.

Forgotten series: Impala Syndrome – Impala Syndrome (1969; 2012 reissue)

Previously known as Los Impalas, this Venezuela-based group eventually moved to Spain where they met with great success. The band’s discs, which encompassed a mix of different styles, were well received and are now relished by collectors

The Friday Morning Listen: Bruce Springsteen, "We Are Alive" (2012)

Much was said in response to the notion that Wrecking Ball was to be Bruce Springsteen’s “angriest” album. People seem to have in their heads a firm notion of what it means to be angry.