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'Just in it for the money'?: Jon Anderson says Yes has let its fans down

Jon Anderson, ousted from the band he co-founded in 2008, says Yes is “never going to be the same band” without him.

Ever the chameleon, Todd Rundgren is taking on symphonic rock next

Todd Rundgren continues his chameleon-like career path with the announcement of a pair of symphony shows in Rockford, Illinois, this June. They represent his first two symphonic dates in the U.S.

Ian Anderson admits 'abject terror' concerning sequel to Jethro Tull's Thick as a Brick

Fans aren’t the ones who are a little nervous about the idea of Ian Anderson releasing a sequel to Jethro Tull’s classic Thick as a Brick. Anderson himself admits he’s “in a state of abject terror.”

Best of February 2012: Reader picks include Paul McCartney, Van Halen and (big surprise) Adele

Little surprise here, but nothing topped Adele last month. When you diss the consensus album of the year, people tend to take notice. Heh.

One Track Mind: Dr. John with the Black Keys' Dan Auerbach, "Revolution" (2012)

Deeply wounded by the way his hometown drowned in the wake of Katrina, Dr. John has spent the last few years railing against The Man. But he’s never sounded so focused, so full of both piss and vinegar.

On Second Thought: The Who – Endless Wire (2006)

You can argue as much as you want whether this was the Who, or — as Roger Daltrey was fond of putting it — Who2, or as some jokingly said, “The Two,” or should have been a Pete Townshend album

Half Notes: Nick Moran Trio – No Time Like Now (2012)

What struck me first about the Nick Moran Trio’s second album No Time Like Now were the instantly likable melodies and the righteous grooves.

One Track Mind: Bruce Springsteen, "Land Of Hope And Dreams" (2012)

First, I have to admit that I was never the biggest fan of this song. Or more accurately, I didn’t like it placed later in the live set. It seemed like the tempo dragged things down. There, I said it.