Heart troubles for Foreigner co-founder Mick Jones, King's X drummer Jerry Gaskill

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Both Foreigner guitarist and Mick Jones and King’s X drummer Jerry Gaskill are recovering from heart ailments.

Jones is underwent surgery last week, according to The New York Post. Meanwhile, Gaskill was in stable condition after suffering a heart attack on Saturday.

King’s X is preparing to kick off a three-week tour on March 28 in Austin, Texas, as the prog rock band marks 20 years since the release of its celebrated self-titled debut for Atlantic Records. King’s X bassist/vocalist Dug Pinnick confirmed the Gaskill news Sunday on Twitter: “Jerry had a heart attack last night, they operated on him, is sedated and on a ventilator. Will keep you posted.”

Jones reportedly checked himself into the Mount Sinai Heart Institute in Miami Beach, Florida. The Post said “surgery was more urgent because Mick had needed it for some time.” Jones has missed a number of shows recently, including a highly anticipated date with Journey last October, leaving Foreigner to perform with no original members. Representatives, however, haven’t confirmed the nature of his illness.

Here’s a look back at our recent thoughts on King’s X and Foreigner. Click through the titles for complete reviews …

KING’S X – XV (2008): X equals 10 and V equals 5. Fourteen albums bearing the King’s X moniker and one by Sneak Preview, the early version of the band that simply bore a different name. Made sense to me, in a weird way. Michael Wagener, who really tightened things up when he produced the band’s previous album, Ogre Tones, was back to crack the whip for XV. So there were deep, driving grooves, catchy melodies, and the always incredible guitar work of Ty Tabor. Why this band has continually suffered from near anonymity is beyond me. Same old story, isn’t it? You know what to do about that, don’t you?

FOREIGNER, “WAITING FOR A GIRL LIKE YOU” (4, 1981): This No. 2 Billboard hit’s memorable synthesizer theme was added by Thomas Dolby, who ended up dropping in on a series of sometimes surprising dates over the next few years. The Foreigner 4 sessions, which also included the No. 4 hit “Urgent,” helped underwrite Dolby’s debut, 1982’s The Golden Age of Wireless: “It basically paid for my album. I worked on Foreigner 4 for a month, and the band paid me a daily rate. I came back with pocketful of cash, and used it to bankroll that whole project. … It’s stimulating to work in new genres like that, though. It forces me to dig deep, and find a different way to do things. I’m not a person who likes to be pigeonholed. At the same time, it was nerve-wracking – and inspiring – to work in such different styles.”

KING’S X – LIVE ALL OVER THE PLACE (2004): Three-part harmonies, a verified guitar-god genius, and some of the lowest, thickest, sludgiest bass around — King’s X is like the Beatles of metal, but they go year-after-year depressingly ignored. They scored a few minor hits in the early 1990s and then pretty much sunk off the radar screen of mainstream music, but these guys have, for the most part, turned out consistently good albums all along. After all this time, they finally released a live album that shows what a great live band they are. It’s totally raw — straight from the soundboard — but the energy of the show carries the somewhat dry recording.

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