Jack White prepares for busy March, with appearance on SNL and first solo headliner shows

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March will be a busy month for Jack White, as he launches his solo career away from the White Stripes.

First comes a March 3 appearance on Saturday Night Live, where he is expected to debut two tracks from his forthcoming album Blunderbuss, due April 24. Lindsey Lohan has been announced as show host. Then, a week later, White will kick off his first solo headliner show on March 10 at Chattanooga, Tennessee.

White has been busy since the White Stripes’ split was announced last year, working with everyone from Alicia Keys to Danger Mouse to Tom Jones to Insane Clown Posse. But this is his initial album as a solo act.

Click here to check out two advance tracks from Blunderbuss: “Love Interruption,” and then “Machine Gun Silhouette.” In its first two weeks of availability, the 7” single of “Love Interruption” sold more than 10,000 copies, making it far-and-away the fastest selling single in Third Man Records history.

Here’s a look back at other recent thoughts on the White Stripes. Click through the headlines for complete reviews …

ON SECOND THOUGHT: THE WHITE STRIPES – ELEPHANT, (2003): There was a knowing swagger informing every track, every lick. The White Stripes played a blend of garage-derived blues-rock that was well-tread by the early Led Zeppelin, but has rarely been successfully resurrected since. The key was that the Stripes weren’t simply in this to make a buck or to gain fame. Jack White sang with a weight fitting of the blues, but never gave in to the unfortunate tendency most rock groups have when approaching the blues — that the blues is primarily sad. The blues is anything but sad, and is in fact a celebration of sorts — a celebration grown from the fertile soil of pain.

BREAKING NEWS! THE WHITE STRIPES BREAKUP IS ‘OFFICIAL’: We here at Something Else! were sad to see the report of the official breakup of The White Stripes. However, there are many, many websites out there that appear to be swallowing Meg & Jack’s word on the subject. This isn’t surprising, since the true reason for their breakup has been kept under wraps for several years. What follows is a long-lost “review” of the White Stripes album Icky Thump, a rumpled copy of which was found abandoned in the desk drawer in a room at the Motel 6 in Yarmouth, Maine. It has been determined that the material was produced on a Hermes 3000 manual typerwriter. The author has never been determined.

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