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Audra Mae and the Almighty Sound – Audra May and the Almighty Sound EP (2012)

Whereas Audra Mae’s initial album, 2010’s The Happiest Lamb, boasted this gloamy, lightly swinging throwback appeal, the addition of the Almighty Sound gooses her into sizzling new soul-packed places. This self-titled album, set for release on February 14 courtesy of Side One Dummy, is still shaped by her dark and scuffed-up vocals — in particular on tracks like the hook-filledRead More

Bryan Adams – Cuts Like a Knife (1983; 2012 Audio Fidelity remaster)

By the time Cuts Like a Knife was released in January of 1983, Bryan Adams had spent several years refining his craft.

Half Notes: Barry White – Let the Music Play: Expanded Edition (2012)

Originally released in 1976, loverman/maestro Barry White’s sixth album — despite including three monster hit singles, including the title song, “You See The Trouble With Me” and “Baby, We Better Try To Get It Together” — somehow had gone out of print. That is, before this new reissue from Hip-O Select, due on February 14. In other words, just inRead More

Kevin Gordon, “Colfax” from Gloryland (2012): One Track Mind

Kevin Gordon, “Colfax” from Gloryland (2012): One Track Mind

Singer-songwriter Kevin Gordon drills in on the second half of that descriptor, telling stories that resonate like age-old fables, even on the first listen.

Half Notes: Lorraine Feather – Tales of the Unusual (2012)

In a genre that’s rapidly becoming overwhelmed with vocalists reinterpreting the Great American Snoozebook (important in their time, but rapidly becoming threadbare old saws — if only because of their endless modern repetitions), Lorraine Feather (daughter of the legendary jazz critic Leonard Feather) is not kidding with this album title. Each and every song has new lyrics written by FeatherRead More

Steely Dan Sunday, "The Royal Scam" (1976)

< >> *** STEELY DAN SUNDAY INDEX *** As much as I enjoy Steely Dan songs and can listen to most of them over and over (which is a good thing, since I’m writing about them every week), only one of their songs is what I’d call an “earworm”

Manfred Mann – Complete Greatest Hits of Manfred Mann (2012)

Look past the doo-wah diddies (though that formed a memorable hit in 1964) and Manfred Mann — part of an early 1960s wave of Answers To The Beatles — is your basic renaissance hipster doofus.

Half Notes: Hey Rosetta! – Seeds (2012)

A delicately refined update of band leader Tim Baker’s 2008 project Into Your Lungs, Hey Rosetta! (with an assist from producer Tony Doogan, who’s worked with Belle and Sebastian, and Wintersleep) offers another retro-cool chamber pop triumph here, but with a pleasant dash of pop-music raucousness. ATO is releasing Seeds a year after its appearance in Baker’s native Canada, whereRead More