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MoeTar – From These Small Seeds (2012)

There’s a reason that I don’t consider myself a progressive fan, even though I have a healthy number of selections in my music collection. It’s because, overall, the genre really isn’t all that fun to listen to.

Something Else! sneak peek: Jay Farrar, Yim Yames take on lost Woody Guthrie material

A dream team of Americana stars including Jay Farrar (Son Volt), Will Johnson (Centro-matic), Anders Parker (Varnaline), and Yim Yames (actually Jim James of My Morning Jacket) have gathered to reinterpret unrecorded lyrics from Woody Guthrie. Preview a track here!

Forgotten series: The Candy Skins – Space I’m In (1991)

Founded in 1989, the Candy Skins specialized in a stirring stripe of psychedelic salted pop rock that was actually a few years ahead of the times.

Paul McCartney to stream live set through iTunes on Thursday from Capitol Studios

Paul McCartney will stream a live concert featuring songs from his forthcoming release Kisses on the Bottom this Thursday from Capitol Studios.

Celebrate A Different Kind of Truth with SiriusXM and 'The Whole Truth: The Howard Stern/ Van Halen Special'

Seems Howard Stern is as jacked up about the new Van Halen reunion project as any of the band’s staunchest fans. To whit: He’ll be airing a sprawling five-hour segment on his SiriusXM radio show called “The Whole Truth: The Howard Stern/ Van Halen Special.”

Scorpions – Comeblack (2012)

The re-recording of old favorites has always been a tough one for me. I know there are sometimes reasons to do it – rights issues or personnel changes – but as a fan, it’s hard for me to put aside 30 years or so of listening to a song and embrace a new version.

Half Notes: Tord Gustavsen Quartet – The Well (2012)

ECM is a record label that is often stereotyped as offering only open, spacious, and sterile European—frequently Scandinavian—kind of chamber jazz and I’ve often come across so many exceptions, that characterization can’t even be considered the rule. But Tord Gustavsen’s music can be.

Sparks Fly On E Street: Bruce Springsteen, "Factory" (1978)

Until a severe heart attack forced him into early retirement in his 40s, my dad worked in a factory, running ball bearing machines for General Motors.