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Something Else! sneak peek: Four songs from the Rolling Stones' 1981 Hampton Coliseum show

The Rolling Stones have uploaded four songs to YouTube from their recently released archival live date in 1981 at Hampton Coliseum: “Black Limousine,” “Little T&A,” “She’s So Cold” and “Satisfaction.”

Drummer Jerry Gaskill's health improves, even as King's X tour is cancelled

King’s X drummer Jerry Gaskill’s health is “headed in the right direction,” the band says, but its upcoming tour is off.

Despite sad end, bluesman Gary Moore still remembered as ‘an inspirational player’

Those who played with Gary Moore remembered his furious ingenuity rather than his sad passing, as news broke this week that the legendary guitarist died a year ago from alcohol poisoning.

Ex-Deep Purple keyboardist Jon Lord diagnosed with pancreatic cancer

Former Deep Purple keyboardist Jon Lord has pancreatic cancer, though band drummer Ian Paice says the disease was caught in its “really early stages.”

Former Kiss guitarist Ace Frehley at work on a new album, and another book

Just a year after writing his book “No Regrets,” Ace Frehley is at work on another — as well as an album of new songs.

Davy Jones, lead singer of the Monkees, dies at 66 from apparent heart attack

Sixties teen idol Davy Jones has died of a heart attack, his publicist confirms. He was 66.

Something Else! Interview: Bass-playing jazz legend Stanley Clarke

A new seven-album retrospective from Legacy focuses on one of Stanley Clarke’s most innovative periods, his solo Epic recordings of the 1970s.

Cosmic Michael – Cosmic Michael (1969)/ After A While (1970; 2012 reissues)

No matter how much research has been expended on Cosmic Michael, he remains an enigmatic figure.

Bill Frisell, Matt Chamberlain, Lee Townsend and Tucker Martine – Floratone II (2012)

Bill Frisell, Matt Chamberlain, Lee Townsend and Tucker Martine – Floratone II (2012)

Floratone to Bill Frisell is a lot like what the Fireman is to Paul McCartney: a way to break outside of usual comfort areas.

Fred's Country Fried Rock: Shooter Jennings, “Outlaw You” (2012)

If Rip Van Winkle were a country music fan waking up today and flipping on the radio, he’d probably be just as confused and lost as the character in Washington Irving’s classic tale.