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Ringo Starr singing songs by the other Beatles: Gimme Five

Ringo Starr singing songs by the other Beatles: Gimme Five

As with the decades-old hit solo album for which it’s named, Ringo Starr’s forthcoming Ringo 2012 includes an array of name guest stars. Unfortunately, unlike 1973’s Ringo, none of those friendly assists come from his fellow ex-Beatles.

Lou Reed to recreate his experimental Metal Machine Music — as a museum exhibit

Fans of Lou Reed will remember his now-infamous 1975 noise-rock experiment Metal Machine Music, if their ears aren’t still ringing more than three decades later. Now it’s being reformulated into a museum installation in California.

Pierre Dorge Quartet – Ballad Round The Left Corner (1980)

This was a near-total crapshoot. I’ve never heard of guitarist Dorge, but the names Billy Hart (drums) and John Tchicai (soprano and alto sax) were familiar. This is mostly straight ahead jazz with a fair bit of angularity. Dorge’s playing goes from the ethereal to way out there. He has a Jim Hall-type tone, but even less electric. Gorgeously recorded,Read More

Ian Anderson will return to Jethro Tull's Thick as a Brick for first time in decades

Ian Anderson is celebrating the 40th anniversary of Jethro Tull’s Thick as a Brick by playing the progressive rock epic in its entirety for the first time since 1972.

The O'Jays, Billy Paul, MFSB – Golden Gate Groove: Live in San Francisco 1973 (2012)

The so-called Sound of Philadelphia, as constructed by Kenny Gamble, Leon Huff and Thom Bell in the 1970s, wasn’t just attitude, in the style of today. Wasn’t just talk, but also a new walk. A shared attitude. A sound.

Steely Dan Sunday, "Haitian Divorce" (1976)

< >> *** STEELY DAN SUNDAY INDEX *** You could call “Haitian Divorce” a love song, but as Steely Dan love songs go, it’s not about the bliss so much as it’s about the ugly side of romance.