E Street Band's Little Steven appearing as a television mobster again — in Norway

Fans of Little Steven Van Zandt’s comedy-gold role as Silvio Dante in the HBO series “The Sopranos” have reason to rejoice. The guitarist with Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band is back on TV, starring in a new series called “Lilyhammer,” billed as a mob tale with a funny twist.

Van Zandt portrays Frank “The Fixer” Tagliano, a mafia snitch in hiding in rural Norway as part of the FBI’s witness protection program. The program is airing in Norway, and is produced by a local company there, Rubicon RV.

How Van Zandt finds the time, even as Springsteen has assembled the group for another massive world tour, is anyone’s guess.

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As yet, there is no syndication deal yet in place in America. So, you’ll have to head over to Netflix to watch … after you relive a few of Silvio’s best moments, that is …:

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