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Wilco's latest iTunes session includes almost half of 'The Whole Love,' and one real surprise

Wilco headed into their own loft in Chicago last December to record this tight little iTunes Session, a short live-show-without-an-audience, essentially.

PBS' 'American Masters' to air new tribute to Cab Calloway for Black History Month

A new documentary on legendary bandleader and showman Cab Calloway will air on the PBS program “American Masters” as part of Black History Month. Cab Calloway: Sketches premieres nationally on Monday, February 27.

Kiss’ 1981 concept album (Music From) The Elder is subject of forthcoming book, movie

Suddenly, Kiss’ (Music From) The Elder, a memorable 1981 concept-album flop for one of the biggest bands in rock, is a hot property.

Bruce Springsteen announces new E Street Band dates for summer tour in the U.S.

Bruce Springsteen has just announced new concert dates with the E Street Band for the U.S., as well as additional stops around the world. The first leg of the 2012 Wrecking Ball World Tour begins on March 18 in Atlanta.

Queen – Days of Our Lives (2012)

As Days of Our Lives makes clear, Queen knew — and from the very beginning — that they were on to something. That it took everyone else so long to notice only seemed to spark them to greater heights of genre-jumping, expectation-confounding genius.

Gimme Five: Overlooked jazz guitar recordings by Pat Martino, John McLaughlin, others

Here’s my look at jazz guitar records that didn’t get their due.

Buck Satan and the 666 Shooters – Bikers Welcome Ladies Drink Free (2012)

Ever ask yourself what Al Jourgensen, main man of industrial metal pioneers Ministry, would sound like if he decided to go country? Yeah, me either.

Bill Medley – 100 Percent/Soft and Soulful (1968/69; 2012 reissue)

Bill Medley’s first forays into a solo career upon leaving the Righteous Brothers have been lost to the digital age, until now.