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Something Else! Featured Artist: The Rolling Stones

A 50th anniversary tour hasn’t even been confirmed, but already a group billed as the Rolling Stones Liberation Front raised a ruckus about the setlist, backup singers, opening act and Keef’s crazy-ass skull ring. OK, we made one of those up.

Roger Waters: After Dark Side, Pink Floyd was just 'clinging to the trademark'

In some ways, time seems to have softened Roger Waters’ feelings about his old band, at least based on comments he made Wednesday on the Howard Stern radio program. But he can still be brutally honest about their legacy.

Is disgraced former pop star Gary Glitter poised for a comeback?

Gary Glitter, now a registered sex offender in his native England, could be plotting a comeback this year — if a Twitter account claiming to belong to the fallen pop star is to be believed.

New iPad app will take you inside George Harrison's private guitar collection; preview it here!

Ever wondered which guitar “gently weeped” for George Harrison? Now can you find out — right on your iPad.

Giant file-sharing site Megaupload has been shut down; federal charges for piracy follow

The Feds have shut down Megaupload, one of the Internet’s largest file-sharing sites. Government officials denied a link to Wednesday’s protests against the Stop Online Piracy Act and the Protect Intellectual Property Act, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Something Else! sneak peek: Hear four tracks from Bruce Springsteen’s Wrecking Ball

Can’t wait for Wrecking Ball, the long-awaited Bruce Springsteen album, to hit shelves on March 6? Neither can we. So, we dug around and collected four songs from the just-announced track listing.

Half Notes: Neko Case – Live from Austin, Texas DVD (2006)

Another great release from PBS’ fantastic Austin City Limits series. Why did it take them so long to finally start releasing these shows on CD and DVD? This 2003 concert might be where I first experienced Neko Case’s enchanting voice and music. I remember being so enthralled by what I heard that I immediately went out the next day andRead More

Tony Bennett plans to spice up the third edition of his smash Duets series

This time, Tony Bennett will leave his heart in Latin America.

Heatwave – Central Heating (1977): On Second Thought

Heatwave – Central Heating (1977): On Second Thought

I was unexpectedly taken back today to an album I hadn’t heard in over three decades: ‘Central Heating’ by the funk-disco band Heatwave.

Tune in as Paul McCartney talks about Kisses on the Bottom during webstream interview

Tune in live to today (Thursday, January 19) at 11 a.m. Eastern to get an exclusive live behind-the-scenes broadcast of Paul’s Q&A session with some of the world’s media. will stream 30 minutes of interviews, as the ex-Beatle talks with press from around the world