Half Notes: Garland Jeffreys – Rock and Roll Adult (1982)

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One of my college roommates had this record. He made me listen to it one time in the middle of the the Friday night campus radio punk show. I guess he was trying to show me that there was a brighter side of life, one not so nasty as what the Dead Kennedys and the Sex Pistols had to offer. I was a little skeptical about this. I mean, this was the guy from Madawaska, Maine (read: just about Canada). He used to come back from weekends with a case of Budweiser with the word “import” stamped on each label. He also had that Canadian hockey player-type accent that Bob and Doug McKenzie allowed us to make fun of (where the word “Devo” has the accent on the second syllable). All these years gone by though, and I still remember that Jeffreys’ take on “96 Tears” was kinda cool.

‘Half Notes’ are quick-take thoughts on music from Something Else! Reviews, presented whenever the mood strikes us.

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