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Red Hot Chili Peppers forced to halt tour after Anthony Kiedis suffers foot injury

The Red Hot Chili Peppers have postponed a series of U.S. tour dates after foot problems sidelined frontman Anthony Kiedis.

Gimme Five: Underrated examples of when jazz guys got funky

A look at five jazz albums with grooves in the pocket — even if they weren’t much in the press.

Synth-pop pioneer Thomas Dolby announces U.S. tour; check out our two-part interview

Thomas Dolby is set to embark on a 26-date North American tour this March — with a rather unusual vehicle in tow: A time capsule.

Guitarist Steve Hackett, formerly of Genesis: Something Else! Interview

Steve Hackett, who still nurtures a lasting affinity for classical music, has leapt headlong back into prog rock

Half Notes: Emily Hurd – Long Lost Ghosts (2012)

Little shards of sunshine peek through on Emily Hurd’s new Long Lost Ghosts, a moving acoustic folk-pop project that asks hard questions and doesn’t settle for easy answers. Recorded on a vintage grand piano at Chicago’s King Size Sound Labs, the album showcases Hurd’s finely wrought way with the language and with a story. She explores with a wanderer’s nostalgia,Read More

Loreena McKennitt – A Mediterranean Odyssey (2009)

It doesn’t happens very often (and too bad for that!), but there are times when you hear a piece of music, a guitar, or a voice for the first time and the whole world seems to drop away for that moment.

Half Notes: Mike Wofford and Holly Hofmann – Turn Signal (2012)

Holly Hofmann, as we noted before, thrives on collaborations with pianists, and she’s had some notables ones with Bill Cunliffe.