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Fans already lodging complaints, even before Rolling Stones announce 50th anniversary tour

Rallying around a cry for smaller venues, lower ticket prices and a revamped set list, a group calling itself the Rolling Stones Liberation Front has issued a series of demands in advance of an expected 50th anniversary tour announcement.

Something Else! Featured Artist: Van Halen

A long-waited reunion with original lead singer David Lee Roth has Van Halen back in the news … and us digging through some old albums.

Half Notes: Hall and Oates – Live At The Troubadour (2008)

I’ve written about this before, but Hall and Oates used to be on my list of guilty pleasures. Wait, better make that secret guilty pleasures. Super-secret, that is. There was no way I was going to let on to my friends — all of whom were heavily into stuff like Led Zeppelin, Bad Company, Foghat, and Ted Nugent — thatRead More

Dion – Tank Full Of Blues (2012)

Once a celebrated pre-British Invasion teen idol, Dion Francis DiMucci certainly could have been forgiven for settling into the oldies circuit

Kinky Friedman announces Southern tour — and, this time, he’s bringing tequila

America’s Jewish troubadour Kinky Friedman is going south in 2012 — specifically the southern United States — and he’s bringing gifts for the natives.