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Something Else! sneak peek: Martin Sexton – Fall Like Rain (2012)

Not so much so-called “new folk” as an interesting distillation of country, blues, gospel and soul, Martin Sexton since his out-of-nowhere self-produced 1991 cassette debut has become the very definition of modern-day troubadour.

Gimme Five: Danny Seraphine on Chicago, his new band and David Foster

On this special edition of Something Else! Reviews’ One Track Mind, we hand the reins over to Chicago co-founder Danny Seraphine

Forgotten series: Lou Reed – Animal Serenade (2004)

Before I began paying attention to Lou Reed, these were the only songs of his that made any impression on me. All of Lester Bangs’ rants had no effect. Velvet who? Didn’t matter.