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Danny Seraphine, formerly of Chicago: Something Else! Interview

Danny Seraphine, formerly of Chicago: Something Else! Interview

Chicago co-founder Danny Seraphine discusses the formation of California Transit Authority, and how it all went wrong with his old band.

Half Notes: David Byrne – Big Love: Hymnal (2008)

The music that David Byrne has created, especially outside of the realm of the Talking Heads, has always resonated with me. Be it The Catherine Wheel, Music for the Knee Plays, or My Life in the Bush of Ghosts, Byrne seems to be able to draw musical influences in from all over the place to create something that’s very “other.”Read More

Phil Angotti and the Lazy Apple Orchestra – People and Places (2011)

I was initially introduced to the music of Phil Angotti back in the early 1990s through the irresistibly hooky little tunes he was cutting as the Idea.

Forgotten series: Tortoise and the Ex – In The Fishtank 5 (1999)

Tortoise is one of those bands that, once I locked into what was going on behind their music, I found that I understood what was going on in a lot of other bands I hadn’t really “gotten” up until then.