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Gil Scott-Heron memoir to publish on Martin Luther King Day

A posthumous memoir by Gil Scott-Heron, the late street poet and godfather of hip hop, will be published on Jan. 16, 2012, by Canongate.

Fred Phillips’ Top Albums for 2011: Metal and Hard Rock

As I look back over 2011’s releases, I realize that maybe it wasn’t quite as good a year in the metal world as I thought.

Half Notes: Dream Theater – Chaos In Motion (2008)

Dream Theater has become an iffy proposition for me. I still take my chances on them with each release, hoping that I’ll find a diamond like I did with 2007’s excellent Systematic Chaos — and not get another lump of coal like Octavarium. Chances are better with a live release, however, and this DVD set delivered in that it focusedRead More

Shows I'll Never Forget: Pat Metheny, March 26, 2005

In Boston After experiencing the first two minutes of this Pat Metheny Group concert, there was no doubt that Boston-area fans just plain love the man.