Archive for December 9th, 2011

One Track Mind: Luke Doucet, "The Day Rick Danko Died" (2008)

I came back to this song again, as the anniversary of the Band bassist’s death on Dec. 10, 1999, loomed this week.

Half Notes: Axel's Axiom – Uncommon Sense (2011)

The German-born, NYC-based, Berklee honors grad pianist Axel Schwintzer thrives on versatility, and the multi-national makeup of his band reflects that.

Marshmallow Overcoat – The Complete Sound (2011)

Congratulations, Marshmallow Overcoat! The Tucson, Arizona band recently celebrated their 25th anniversary and to commemorate the special event, they’ve put together a whopping six-disc box set.

Rob Halford – Winter Songs (2009)

A Christmas record from Rob Halford? Yes, that Rob Halford. The leather-clad screaming frontman of Judas Priest.

The Friday Morning Listen: Abba – Arrival (1977)

All of the Internet chatter this past week about this year’s Rock Hall of Fame nominations has been great fun. It’s great fun every year.