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Ray Charles – Singular Genius: The Complete ABC Singles (2011)

Ray Charles, sightless and orphaned by age 15, led a life that sounded like a blues song. But the range and scope of his talent could never be contained within one genre, no matter its lasting joys.

Pat Martino – Undeniable (2011)

Pat Martino, along with George Benson, was the greatest jazz guitarist to spring from those righteous sounding organ trios of the 60s, and like Benson, Martino is still playing at a very, very high level.

One Track Mind: The Kinks, "Around the Dial" (1981)

On the way to work, I indulged in a little college-era nostalgia: Give The People What They Want by The Kinks.

Forgotten series: El-P – High Water (2004)

High Water begins in a suspicious manner — not for a jazz album, necessarily, but for a jazz album issued via the Blue Series imprint of Thirsty Ear