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Thom Gossage Other Voices – In Other Words (2011)

As an aside within my review of Steve Raegele’s mind blowing debut album Last Century I went into the bands Raegele had participated in and noted “I can’t say I’ve heard of these names previously

The Rolling Stones – Some Girls: Live in Texas ’78 DVD (2011)

Early on, Mick Jagger told an interviewer: “We were blues purists who liked ever-so-commercial things but never did them onstage because we were so horrible and so aware of being blues purists, you know what I mean?”

Shows I'll Never Forget: Norah Jones, June 29, 2003

In Boston OK, lemme get this part out of the way: I was really, really excited to see the name “Gillian Welch” on the FleetBoston Pavilion marquee.

On Second Thought: Peter Himmelman – Skin (1994)

Every song is a story, at its essence. The best songs, and the best stories, continue to intrigue and spawn new thoughts long after you’ve last heard it.

Half Notes: Steve Miller – Number 5 (1970)

The Steve Miller Band was huge when I was a kid. Everybody owned Book of Dreams and Fly Like An Eagle. That’s all I ever owned. So, it’s been kinda fun to dig into a famous artist’s back catalog. Check out the liner dedication: “This album is dedicated to the people in our struggle to bring sanity to the worldRead More