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Something Else! sneak peek: Gov't Mule, "Worried Down With The Blues" (2011)

What more perfect song to include in a benefit for the homeless than “Worried Down With The Blues”?

Joe Jackson Band – Live: Afterlife (2004)

Joe Jackson Band – Live: Afterlife (2004)

None of this seems like a nostalgia trip, as Joe Jackson’s old and new material come together to celebrate and revel in each other.

Monika Borzym – Girl Talk (2011)

This is the album that big-voiced throwback singers like Amy Winehouse and Adele should have been making all along. As if to underscore the point, Monika Borzym even opens Girl Talk with a tune associated with Winehouse

Half Notes: Dream Theater – Octavarium (2005)

For Dream Theater, album No. 8 was their fourth with a lineup including Jordan Rudess on keyboards (the keyboard slot being the weak seat in the band). The band apparently listened to fan’s comments about the last two extremely hectic, overly chaotic albums and scaled back their penchant for excessive, needless soloing, focusing more on building intriguing song-structures like theyRead More

Kidd Jordan – On Fire (2011)

An astonishing thing to witness when viewing Fred Anderson’s live performance on DVD, 21st Century Chase, was the sight of a guy celebrating his 80th birthday splaying notes from his saxophone with abandon, power and purpose. And then, when he finished his solo, witnessing a dude only six years his junior doing the same.