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Shows I’ll Never Forget: Bruce Springsteen and the Seeger Sessions Band, May 27, 2006

While driving back from Foxboro the morning after the Springsteen Seeger Sessions event, me and TheWife were listening to Pete Seeger’s “We Shall Overcome, The Complete Carnegie Hall Concert.” I was struck by the sense of community

Le Boeuf Brothers – In Praise Of Shadows (2011)

The Le Boeuf Brothers, like many of the younger jazz musicians today, crave bashing up jazz of their formal training with the Bjork, Radiohead and Sufjan Stevens of their iPod playlists. And as I’ve come to realize, this often has great results. But these identical twins, Romy (reeds) and Pascal (piano, keyboards and occasional vocals) are determined to do evenRead More

The Shadows of Knight – Dark Sides: The Best of the Shadows of Knight (1994)

Initially released in early 1965 by Them (featuring a young Van Morrison on vocals), “Gloria” went onto become a certified garage punk and bar band staple.

Live – Birds Of Pray (2003)

It’s hard to fault a band for wanting to stick to their “norms.” The fans have some expectations as to what the band’s signature sound is. Some bands set a precedent for themselves, that no two albums will deliver any similarities between others, but these bands are the ones who find a niche audience

Half Notes: Paul Motian Quintet – Jack Of Clubs (1985)

A huge find. Drummer Motian employed two saxes (Joe Lovano, Jim Pepper), bassist Ed Schuller and Bill Frisell (before he was really Bill Frisell, if ya know what I mean). OK, that’s not quite right about Frisell. He does use a volume pedal to get that attackless sound. But there’s no distortion and not much in the way of thoseRead More