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Steely Dan Sunday, "Doctor Wu" (1975)

< >> *** STEELY DAN SUNDAY INDEX *** “Doctor Wu,” supposedly a tale of a breach of trust between a physician and patient, represents one of the finest examples of Steely Dan’s signature mastery of an intricate yet soulful harmonic progression.

Movies: Neil Peart – Anatomy of a Drum Solo (2005)

It was either a TDK-SA 90 or a Maxell XLII (not the XLII-S; we were ‘poor’ back then). It had a handmade j-card insert, with the song titles hammered out by a typewriter. That tape was with me all summer.

Sung Jo – Dream (2011)

Sung Jo leads a quartet on Dream that walks a fine line — pushing at the edges of the jazz envelope, yet still swinging like crazy. The result is an album that has both narrative logic and these splashes of new sounds.

One Track Mind: The Milk and Honey Band, "Way Too Long" (2004)

In 2004, XTC mastermind Andy Partridge opened his heart and new label Ape Records to house not only his Fuzzy Warbles series — and initial releases by Peter Blegvad, Orpheus, the Lowdown, as well