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The Beach Boys – The SMiLE Sessions (2011)

The year was 1966, and the Beach Boys were riding a wave of energy across the musical landscape of the times. The Hawthorne, California quintet’s sound was evolving into one of the most respected and unique in the industry

Greg Ward – Greg Ward's Phonic Juggernaut (2011)

About a year ago saxophonist Greg Ward was leading a quartet that was preparing to do a recording session for a jazz radio station when the pianist was unable to make it.

Richard Robeson – Moonlight over the Maghrib (2011)

That classically inspired guitarist Richard Robeson, a master at the instrument, plays with logic and decisive skill should come as no surprise. That he has constructed an album of such meaningful emotions and relaxed lucidity is something else entirely.

Talk Talk – Laughing Stock (1991; 2011 reissue)

I had an odd reaction the first time I heard Radiohead’s Kid A: Didn’t Talk Talk already do this album, back in 1991?

The Friday Morning Listen: The Grateful Dead – Dick's Picks Volume 18 (1978)

I saw Joan Didion’s face on the cover of Poets and Writers and just knew we’d end up here somehow.