Archive for October 26th, 2011

Something Else! Interview: Jazz trumpeter Nicholas Payton

Trumpeter Nicholas Payton may have begun his journey as part of the traditionalists in the early-1990s Young Lions movement, but he couldn’t have emerged any further afield.

Something Else! sneak peek: King Mob, "Selene Selene" (2011)

The new English beat combo King Mob comes tearing out on “Selene Selene,” quickly rejoining the fender-bending journey started during their previous tenures with the Sex Pistols, the Pretenders and the Sharks.

On Second Thought: U2 – The Joshua Tree (1987)

Back then, all I wanted was for people to just stop talking about U2. Oh my God, they were everywhere.

Bess Rogers – Out of the Ocean (2011)

An involvingly diverse recording artist, Bess Rogers sounds at times like a folkie singer-songwriter project, at others like a tough, punky quipster, and at still others like a pink-clad princess spinning around in a whirl of pop glitter.