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One Track Mind: John Prine, "Hello In There" (2011)

It was the first John Prine song I ever heard, and it still sends shivers of sad wonder. Learning more about his life around the time that “Hello In There” was composed only gives me a deeper appreciation for Prine’s innate sense of humanity

Brian Landrus/The Landrus Kaleidoscope – Capsule (2011)

Brian Landrus is one of the fast rising artists on the NYC jazz scene; so much so that it was only in 2009 his debut album Forward came out and now in 2011, we are here talking about his third release of 2011, Capsule.

Half Notes: My Brightest Diamond – A Thousand Shark's Teeth (2008)

by Tom Johnson One listen to Shara Worden’s voice and it should come as no surprise that she’s actually a trained singer, pulling off with ease the kinds of things most rock singers can only dream of attempting. Worden sounds just a bit operatic — but not so melodramatic, never fear. More like a female Jeff Buckley, to whom sheRead More

Jon Anderson, “Open” (2011): One Track Mind

When Jon Anderson told us earlier in the year that he was writing more “Yes-style music” these days, this — even more than his well-received subsequent solo release — was what most people had in mind: A conceptually epic piece, filled with wonderment, musical twists and a theme as broad as it is hopeful.

Forgotten series: The Sweet – Sweet Fanny Adams (1974)

by Beverly Paterson In the beginning, the Sweet were looked upon as a true-blue bubblegum band, as they assaulted the charts with the tooth-decaying treats like “Funny Funny,” “Wig Wam” and “Little Willy.”