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Lou Reed and Metallica post full Lulu stream

Oh yes. The gnashing of teeth, the bitching, the moaning, it has begun. Actually, it started a while ago when Lou Reed and Metallica released a preview of “The View” from their upcoming Lulu.

Jimmy Cobb on Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Joe Henderson, others; Gimme Five

Jimmy Cobb on Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Joe Henderson, others; Gimme Five

Jimmy Cobb, the primarily self-taught drummer who rose to prominence during a ’50s-era stint with Miles Davis, takes us inside the free-form sessions favored by his old boss.

Something Else! sneak peek: Kate Bush, "Wild Man" (2011)

“Wild Man,” the advance single from Kate Bush’s forthcoming LP is both a bold return to the magic, the unrealism, and the glittering whimsy of her early work — and a tip of the hat to her slightly more conventional hitmaking pop arias of the 1980s.

FAB Trio with Billy Bang – History Of Jazz In Reverse (2011)

Billy Bang left us six months ago, but we’re not quite done with new additions to his catalog.

Half Notes: The Tierney Sutton Band – American Road (2011)

The Tierney Sutton Band learned something about themselves, and about this land, during their many travels for performances. These ruminations, actually begun before the group’s 2009 project Desire, have finally coalesced within the timeless and refined American Road — a slow-cured reconstruction of a dozen venerable favorites on the BFM label, performed as jazz and folk vocal pieces with aRead More

The Hollies: Look Through Any Window: 1963-75 DVD (2011)

The Hollies always seemed like a less dangerous version of the Beatles, and the Look Through Any Window DVD — pleasant though it no doubt is — only underscores that.

dB's, still at work on reunion album, release new track

The dB’s will release a new song called “Revolution of the Mind” for free download through their Web site.