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The Original 7ven (aka The Time) – Condensate (2011)

The Original 7ven (aka The Time) – Condensate (2011)

Prince once declared that The Time is so good, they’re the band scare him the most, and evidently, enough so that he took their name and went home.

Cinque, featuring Joey DeFrancesco and Steve Gadd – Catch a Corner (2011)

The trio of respected Canadian sidemen who complete the Cinque band, though nowhere near as famous as Joey DeFrancesco and Steve Gadd, end up providing the structure and verve for this celebration of good-time soul jazz.

Something Else! Featured Artist: KISS

News that Kiss is back in the studio, working toward the 2012 release of a new project called Monster, got us scurrying back to our old album collections. And not just because of those fond memories of playing air guitar with former guitarist Ace Frehley during Kiss Alive.

Half Notes: Slivovitz – Bani Ahead (2011)

A dizzying mixture of muscular, electric guitar-driven jazz ensemble playing and these intriguingly angular Balkan textures, this energetic follow up to the Slivovitz septet’s Moonjune Records debut Hubris builds on that success, even as it adds different musical shadings. See, this isn’t your typical chamber-rock; at times, it threatens — as Riccardo Villari begins whirling around on the violin —Read More