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Rudresh Mahanthappa – Samdhi (2011)

Despite his heritage, American alto saxophonist Rudresh Mahanthappa didn’t start out as a practitioner of a unique blend of American jazz and traditional Indian music, he started with the jazz style of the America he grew up in and worked his way back to the music of his forbears’ native India.

Judas Priest — The Chosen Few (2011)

I’m the kind of guy that comes down firmly in the Iron Maiden camp every time the age-old Maiden or Priest argument comes up. I love Priest, but there’s something about Maiden that’s always appealed to me more.

Frank Kohl Quartet – Coast to Coast (2011)

Frank Kohl approaches the guitar with an exuberant curiosity, but also a well-crafted ability — skittering from influence to influence without ever stumbling. He sounds like he’s having a ball, too. That’s led to an album called Coast to Coast that boasts a savvy veteran player’s satisfying structural logic, but also its share of humor and fun.

The Friday Morning Listen: Bjork – Biophilia (2011)

So here’s the thing: Have I ever bought a CD and/or box set just because of the cool packaging? Hmmm … probably not