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William Shatner – Seeking Major Tom (2011)

Jesus, seriously? I have a sense of humor but this is just absolute garbage. William Shatner’s 2004 project with rock piano great Ben Folds, Has Been, was actually an entertaining diversion — tongue fully in cheek, yet it had musical merit: serious fun. This is pure junk

Billy Sherwood on Toto, Paul Rodgers, John Wetton + Yes: Gimme Five

Go inside the studio as Sherwood enters the complex world of Yes, and find out how he came to work with David Paich on a signature Toto release. Sherwood also talks about key collaborations with John Wetton and Paul Rodgers, and enthuses about Circa — his band with fellow Yes alum Tony Kaye … “CAST AWAY,” with Circa (AND SORead More

The Jigsaw Seen – Winterland (2011)

According to the calendar, winter is just around the corner. To some people that means gloomy skies, the holiday blahs, frostbite and catching colds, while to other people it means mugs of steaming hot chocolate, relaxing by the cozy fireside, beautiful snow capped scenarios and holiday cheer.