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Billy Sherwood, formerly of Yes: Something Else! Interview

Billy Sherwood, formerly of Yes: Something Else! Interview

Billy Sherwood talks about his original hopes for Yes, how the association initially fell apart, and how it continued to inform his subsequent work.

Half Notes: Kevin Crabb – Waltz for Dylan (2011)

There are couple of ways that Kevin Crabb’s all-original Waltz for Dylan could have gone wrong. Rangy saxophonist Kelly Jefferson and, in particular, pianist John Beasley (Miles Davis) might have completely overtaken this project, dedicated to the drummer’s son. Or, they might have become lost in the distracting bashing of a rhythm guy who mixed his own parts too farRead More

Peter Gabriel – New Blood (2011)

by Tom Johnson Somewhere out there, music fans cower in fear. The day has come again: Peter Gabriel returns with yet another album of orchestral covers! But fear not. This time he’s covering his own songs.

Forgotten series: Groundtruther – Latitude (2004)

by Mark Saleski Drummer Bobby Previte and bassist Charlie Hunter got together to record some completely improvised music. The twist was that they rotated in a different third player

Daryl Hall – Laughing Down Crying (2011)

It’s a little strange how everyone considers Daryl Hall about 90% of the Hall and Oates duo, but whenever he issues an album under his own name, nobody pays attention. Maybe it’s a question of time