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One Track Mind: Ben Folds Five, "House" (2011)

Ben Folds, for all his blind-alley turns into jokes that go nowhere, retains a particular eye for the turn of phrase, for the precise word the opens your heart like a flower

Tim Hagans – The Moon Is Waiting (2011)

Of all the living trumpet players performing today, few have accomplished as much as Tim Hagans. He acquired valuable experience playing in bands by Stan Kenton, Thad Jones, Woody Herman and currently, Bob Belden.

Jimi Hendrix – Live at Monterey CD/DVD (2007)

A bunch of cameras followed Jimi Hendrix around the festival in question — which was the debut of the Jimi Hendrix Experience in the US — filming not only his performance but also a documentary about the man himself and the festival. This DVD included all of this, plus some previously unreleased interviews with Mitch Mitchell and Noel Redding, andRead More

Material Issue – International Pop Overthrow: 20th Anniversary Edition (1991; 2011 reissue)

by Beverly Paterson Originally released on Mercury Records in the spring of 1991, “International Pop Overthrow” marked the debut album by Material Issue

Sparks Fly On E Street: Bruce Springsteen, "Incident On 57th Street" (1973)

Before Born To Run, before Mary was pondering a way out, and before we had to get out while we were still young, there was Puerto Rican Jane and Spanish Johnny. Two lovers, maybe going in different directions