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Styx, “Difference in the World” (2011): One Track Mind

There’s a world-weary melancholy, a hard-won realism, to Styx’s new song that didn’t exist in Tommy Shaw’s fun-rocking “Renegade” days, and that points the way out of the band’s more recent habit of backtracking

Shows I'll Never Forget: Leo Kottke, March 31, 2003

by Mark Saleski, in Manchester N.H. Leo Kottke brought his one-man encyclopedia of acoustic guitar to Manchester’s Palace Theatre that night.

Half Notes: Nick Hempton – The Business (2011)

Australian native alto sax practitioiner Nick Hempton is distingished by his smooth tone and direct delivery. The Business is distinguished by a few things, too. First of all, Hempton is joined by Art Hirahara, is in-demand session pianist who last spring delivered a solid album himself. Secondly, Hempton’s eight originals are all dulcet, deviating and resolutely swinging. Hempton shifts gearsRead More

Quiet Riot – Metal Health (1983)

A recent discussion around the water cooler at Something Else! Towers got me thinking about the development of my musical tastes. The topic was how the Internet has changed music consumption. One of the points raised was that the availability of music on the web has allowed people to sink into one musical niche

Half Notes: Ryan Adams – Easy Tiger (2007)

by Tom Johnson Ryan Adams regained the focus he had with 2000’s Heartbreaker and 2001’s Gold, turning out one of the strongest sets of music of his career here. What came through, even after a few spins, what grabbed me, was that behind the usual country tinges was a little swagger found in soul and R&B that I hadn’t reallyRead More