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Guilty pleasures: Copping to Culture Club, Madonna — and, OK, much worse

I have a confession to make. The other morning, while munching on a bowl of hemp granola and slurping my first cuppa, I watched a Justin Timberlake video … and I really liked the song

Gimme Five: Chico Hamilton on Lester Young, Lena Horne, Gerry Mulligan, others

On this special edition of Something Else! Reviews’ One Track Mind, we hand the reins over to jazz drummer Chico Hamilton.

Half Notes: Bill Frisell – History, Mystery (2008)

by Tom Johnson I have to be forgiven if I refer to this album as sounding like Frisell “getting back to his roots.” His roots, to me, are not necessarily his original sound but where I picked up with this great guitarist — the era in the early to mid-1990s where he bridged a strange gap between angular jazz andRead More

Bobby Katz, with special guest Pat Travers – Lifetime Thing (2011)

At its heart, this is a piano record, filled with moving ballads that connect on a deeply emotional level. Elsewhere, however, Bobby Katz shakes things up considerably.

One Track Mind: Pilc Moutin Hoenig, "Nardis" (2011)

It was only about two weeks ago when I last reviewed a contemporary take on Miles Davis’ beautifully pensive “Nardis.” So why again?