Half Notes: Carol Morgan – Blue Glass Music (2011)

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photo source: carolmorganmusic.com

Last year’s Opening made me a believer in the trumpet wizardry of one Carol Morgan, who blazed through a set of originals and standards in a small combo without a piano. Her brand new follow-up Blue Glass Music follows the same formula, with perhaps a bit more emphasis on the standards. She also has a full time foil this time in the fabulous tenor saxman, Joel Frahm. Martin Wind (bass) and Matt Wilson (drums) form a delectable rhythm section. The thing about Morgan, as before, is her deeply soulful tone and unhurried delivery that treats hallowed songs like “April In Paris” and “Where Are You?” with due reverence. Morgan shows off her blues prowess on “Booker’s Waltz” and Ornette Coleman’s old standby “Lonely Woman” gets a haunting vibe from Wilson’s tribal percussion, as Morgan’s trumpet has a majestic presence to it that’s just right for this song. Carol Morgan didn’t do anything much different for Blue Glass Music, but you know what? She didn’t need to. Same method, same successful results.

Blue Glass Music is distributed by Blue Bamboo Music.

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