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Something Else! Interview: Jazz legend Chico Hamilton

Jazz legend Chico Hamilton celebrated turning 90 last month — how else? — but issuing another album. With Revelation, the NEA Jazz Master’s 60th project, Hamilton continues to build on a remarkable recording career dating back to 1941.

Half Notes: Various Artists – That's The Way I Feel Now (1991)

by Mark Saleski This record has more often than not been out of print. Maybe it’s the legalities involved in dealing with such a large cast. Maybe it’s record company incompetence. I don’t know. What I do know is that it’s one fantastic, diverse and powerful tribute to Thelonious Monk. I got a freshly ‘minted’ copy of the CD thanksRead More

The Esquires and the Exotics – The New Sound is Here: Dallas '66 (2011)

by Beverly Paterson Operating out of Dallas, Texas, the Exotics and the Esquires were hot stuff on a regional level, with the year 1966 being especially kind to them.

Forgotten series: Dream Theater – Master Of Puppets (2004)

by Tom Johnson Yep, you read that right: Dream Theater surprised their Barcelona, Spain audience in early 2002 with a song-by-song reading of the 1980s metal classic by Metallica, Master Of Puppets.

Half Notes: Carol Morgan – Blue Glass Music (2011)

Last year’s Opening made me a believer in the trumpet wizardry of one Carol Morgan, who blazed through a set of originals and standards in a small combo without a piano. Her brand new follow-up Blue Glass Music follows the same formula, with perhaps a bit more emphasis on the standards. She also has a full time foil this timeRead More