Half Notes: Nine Inch Nails – Y34RZ3R0R3MIX3D (2007)

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by Tom Johnson

133t!11!! H4x0rd! w00t! LOL WTF?! OK! Pandering title aside, the concept was pretty cool: The usual NIN remix album that followed in the footsteps of a regular album, but this time it was accompanied by a DVD containing all of the multitracks for the songs — so you could do whatever you feel like with them, then upload them to nin.com (or YouTube) for Trent Reznor’s amusement (and, presumably, other fans, too). The disc also included a demo of Ableton Live, so you can get playing immediately, though they worked in other audio programs. This was not entirely as unique as Trent and Interscope wanted you to think it was. Duncan Sheik’s 2006 album White Limousine also came with a DVD with audio tracks, but the NIN DVD had them broken completely down, whereas Sheik’s had them broken down into simple categories — one track of already multitracked vocals, another of multitracked guitars, etc. Regardless, it was a cool idea.

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