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Bill Frisell – All We Are Saying (2011)

Bill Frisell – All We Are Saying (2011)

‘All We Are Saying’ feels so connective because of guitarist Bill Frisell’s willingness to simply let things happen – to accept life as it goes.

Have A Cigar!: Celebrating Pink Floyd's massive new reissue project

Psych-rockers Pink Floyd and EMI are launching an exhaustive re-release campaign, beginning today. You could say that tickled us … pink.

Half Notes: Glenn Kotche – Mobile (2006)

by Tom Johnson The Wilco drummer turns in a surprisingly beautiful and effective minimalist classical drum suite reminiscent of the best works of Phillip Glass and Steve Reich. It’s not something that will get played a lot, and it’s probably not terribly original because it is territory that’s been covered before, but it still manages to be a good listenRead More

On Second Thought: Brian Eno – Drums Between the Bells (2011)

I initially dismissed this, almost out of hand: There’s a reason people haven’t been rocking Robert Frost all this time.