Death Angel – Killing Season (2008)

Death Angel, the San Francisco thrash band, gave a fitting name to their third album, 1990′s Act III (one of my all-time favorites, by the way), and promptly exited stage left when a tour-bus accident took them off the road long enough to splinter the band. Just as they were on top of their game, garnering praise for a fantastic piece of metal, they broke up and disappeared. Act III, lucky for us, was so solid and mature that it has stood the test of time. Maybe that was why, after nearly 14 years, the band responded to the unending praise for that long-ago career and returned for what many, including me, thought might be only a curtain call – 2004′s killer The Art Of Dying. Killing Season, like The Art Of Dying, sounds like the majority of the 1990s barely happened at all, and came packaged with a DVD of a 2003 concert in Strasbourg. You can’t really go too far wrong here: If you somehow don’t like the new music, the DVD had much to offer, since the concert featured a good amount of older material.

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Tom Johnson

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