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Neil Young – Prairie Wind (2005)

by Mark Saleski No harm meant by this remark: I’d rather listen to John Mayer than Elliott Smith. So there, I’ve said it. Not to illustrate that I’ve got no indie cred. That I apparently have no taste in music. Not even to piss off the legions of Smith fans. No, that is not the point.

Charlie Apicella and Iron City – The Business (2011)

There’s an irresistible swagger to old-fashioned, grease-popping soul jazz records, something so far removed in this hidebound era of button-down classicists.

Anthrax – We’ve Come for You All (2003): On Second Thought

Anthrax – We’ve Come for You All (2003): On Second Thought

As I await the release of Anthrax’s Worship Music, the band’s reunion with 1980s singer Joey Belladonna, I’ll try to drown out the soap-opera drama with changing lineups and re-records surrounding it by cranking up their last record

Something Else! Interview: Jazz guitarist Bill Frisell

We might be tempted to take for granted quietly impactful triumphs like guitarist Bill Frisell’s forthcoming All We Are Saying, an Americana-infused tribute to John Lennon.

Vito Rezza and 5AFTER4 – Rome In A Day (2011)

You might read the artist name and album title and think this is a record of Italian music but, no, not exactly. 5AFTER4 is a rock-jazz outfit out of Toronto