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Todd Rundgren, “Love in Vain” (2011): One Track Mind

They used to call what Muddy Waters did electric blues. What would that make this sizzling new arc-flash of Todd Rundgren-played Robert Johnson tunes? Electrocuted blues?

Half Notes: Bill Ware and Marc Ribot – Sir Duke (2001)

by Mark Saleski I wasn’t familiar with the work of vibraphonist Bill Ware (though a quick Allmusic search said that he’s played with the Jazz Passengers, Groove Collective and even Steely Dan) but I was, then as now, a sucker for the sound of vibes. What’s more, I’ll buy anything with the name “Marc Ribot” attached to it (check outRead More

Tangerine Dream – Live in America 1992 (2011)

Tangerine Dream — or as they were known, back when I was in school: The guys who did the weird music for the “Risky Business” soundtrack — had gotten significantly less weird by this point. Founding member Edgar Froese is the lone hold over from Tangerine Dream’s 1971-77 whoa-man synthesizer-soundscape hey day

Half Notes: Duncan Sheik – White Limousine (2006)

by Tom Johnson After an embarrassing attempt at recapturing the limelight he had with his first big hit (“Barely Breathing”), Sheik focused once again on the dark-hearted pop that he’s so good at. He missed the mark here and there, but more often than not, this unfortunately overlooked disc delivered some decent tunes and has kept at least this reviewerRead More

Sparks Fly On E Street: Bruce Springsteen, "It's Hard To Be A Saint In The City" (1973)

Greetings ends not with a happy postcard from the Jersey shore, but with the tough-as-nails “It’s Hard To be A Saint In The City.